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Why Scott?

Goal as a Trader

Continue to grow as a consistently profitable trader.

Goal as Host and Lead Trader

Share my trading experience, wisdom, observations and processes in order to support others reach their own trading goals.

Goal as a Mentor

As a trusted, transparent and encouraging advisor, supporting new, struggling and experienced traders to engage a Trader’s Mindset and to shortcut their development as a trader using solutions that work.

Goal as a Teacher

Share all my knowledge and experience regarding trading, supporting traders to adopt what works and to avoid what doesn't.

Leading an Apprentice

As a skilled trading professional, allowing unparalleled access and in-depth one on one interaction.

About Scott

Trading Futures

As an experienced futures trader, Scott is responsible for the daily hosting, facilitation, training, education and calling out of high probability trade setups  to learn during live markets in the SelectraderLive trading room, a like-minded futures trading mastermind group.

Using only the SelecTrader software and specific rules-based trading, he shares and trades 7 trade setups in both long and short positions.

Scott is also the author and host of two SelecTrader Advanced classes.  Scott shares specific high level observations as well as in-depth reasons that he trades as well as those that appear counterfeit. He shared his favorite trades, in order,and those charts he finds compelling. 

He goes over, in detail, the Advanced Retracement Rule he uses when he trades. He also shares his Super Aggressive Advanced Entry as well and when he uses it and how he uses it. 

He also has authored and shares "Trading By The Numbers" as well as specific advanced trade entries and management for managing maximum ticks.  

He also trades and shares 15 "Advanced For Scott" trades using the same charts and the same indicators for squeezing additional potential profits out of the futures charts.

Stop by the SelecTraderLive web site and participate with Scott as he trades the markets live!

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I am inviting you to participate with me LIVE trading futures every week day.

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